Pearl Bougie



What is Pearl Bougie

Pearl Bougie is a lady with standards. Pearl Bougie is a lady who takes pride in being excellent in academic, athletics and her artistic talents. Pearl Bougie understands that her appearance, behavior and the way she communicates provides others with valuable insight to her character. Pearl Bougie is more than a pretty face and a true lady knows that beauty starts within, but you still must "keep it cute" at all times. Pearl Bougie is a lady with much strenghth, she overcomes every obstacle life throws at her. Pearl Bougie possesses positive outlook on life, her humor, wisdom and consistent encouragement attracts others to her. Pearl Bougie is well mannered, she possesses a strong work ethic, she is trustworthy, loyal and people speak well of her. Pearl Bougie is being well dressed, she select clothes that is modest and age appropriate, the way she chooses to dress, groom and carry herself communicates to others who she is. Pearl Bougie speaks well and she's a great listener, she will walk into a room and you will want to know immediately who she is.... ARE YOU PEARL BOUGIE